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FAQ: How to...

Here you'll find step by step instructions on everything you need to get and use our products, from downloading files to printing sheet music, and more. Click on any item in the following list to jump to that part of the FAQ.

If you can't find the information you need here or in our other FAQs, please eMail

Play Samples & MP3 Files
Use Downloadable Sheet Music
Purchase Something
Put An AudibleFaith Audio File On Tape
Put An AudibleFaith Audio File On CD
Get faster access to the database

Play Samples & MP3 Files
To listen to a song sample you must be able to play MP3 files or Real Audio files. MP3 players come with most PCs these days and play files much like a CD player plays CDs. If you have Windows 98, or Windows 95 version C, you are able to play an MP3 file right now - just double click on it. If not, you need to download an MP3 player. Get it for FREE here. Once this process is complete you are ready to play MP3 files. Go to an album or song page and click on any "Play" link. You will be given the option to open or save a file. Choose open and your MP3 Player will begin to play the sample. To play the MP3 file you get after making a purchase, just double click on the downloaded file.

Use Downloadable Sheet Music
In order to view and print AudibleFaith sheet music you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, a program that can display Public Document Format (pdf) files. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader we provide it FREE. Just click one of the links below, save the file to disk and install the Reader.
PC self extracting archiveMac .hqx fileMac .bin file

You can now view pdf files. Just double click on our sheet music, or any other pdf file. Once displayed you can print the sheet music. Note: With some printers you will need to click the "fit to page" box in the print dialog.

Purchase Something
To make a purchace at AudibleFaith just click on the price of the product you want. This will add the product to your virtual shopping cart, much like putting something in a physical shopping cart at a store. Once you have filled your shopping cart with all of the products you want, click on the "order now" button on your cart and follow the directions. If you ordered downloadable products you will be given 72 hours from the time you purchased the products to download them. Go to our download area and download your products. Many of our products will take a significant amount of time to download (more than 20 minutes). You can do other work while the file is downloading, though we reccomend against doing work that utilizes your Internet connection (such as eMail, or Web browsing) as this will slow down the download transfer rate. Another method is to start the download and go have dinner, take a shower, do the dishes.

Put An AudibleFaith Audio File On Tape
The following procedure is appropriate for most sound cards and common stereo equipment. In order to put an AudibleFaith digital audio recording on tape you need a few things. A sound card with a line out connection, a 1/8" stereo phone plug to dual RCA cord (a 1/8" mono phone plug to single RCA for mono sound cards), and a tape deck with line in jacks. (These tapes are to be made only for your immediate worship team.)
(1) Plug the 1/8" phone plug into the line out jack on your sound card.
(2) Plug the RCA connectors into the line in jacks on your tape deck.
(3) Many portable stereos with tape decks (boom boxes) have a switch to determine the input method. Make sure if you have such a switch that it is set to auxiliary, line in, external source, etc.
(4) Load the song(s) you want to record to the tape into your computer's audio player.
(5) Press record on your tape deck and allow a few seconds of tape to go by to ensure you will not record on the tape leader.
(6) Press play on your computer's audio player.
(7) When the song(s) stop playing, press stop on your tape deck.

Put And AudibleFaith Audio File On CD
You will need a CD-burner for this purpose. Most computers now come with a CD-burner. If your CD drive on your computer is labled CD-R or CD-RW you have this capability.
(1)You first need to convert the audio file into a .wav file. Most current players will do this. Look in the documentation or help files for "convert".
(2)Once you have the song as a .wav file you simply need to create an audio disk with this file on it. Most CD writing software makes this easy.
(3)Play your new CD in any CD player.

Get fast access to the database If you are on a slow connection, or simply want faster access to the database, visit provides graphics free access to the tools and utilities.

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