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Artists - We Really Want Your Music!

Part of our vision is to help facilitate distribution of the songs being written by people like you all over the world. Unlike most music industry companies, we are extremely enthusiastic about listening to your music and make it easy for you to become involved with AudibleFaith. Here are some of the benefits to distributing with us:

First and foremost, we do what we do for a purpose other than money. We believe that music is one of the most powerful and effective ways to affect positive change in our world and look for music that will help achieve that goal and artists who support this vision. Likewise, people who visit us are specifically looking for this kind of music - not necessarily of a particular musical style, but music with certain other qualities - positive, proactive music that is culturally diverse, spiritually sensitive, life affirming, or socially conscious, and embraces cultures from throughout the world. Whether they're looking for love songs for a wedding, dance music for a party, sacred music for a worship service, or just music to relax/meditate by, all our music has something in common - it's uplifting, challenging, revolutionary, and real. Music that gets in your head and leaves you changed, songs that will help you fully live, appreciate and celebrate life - this is what we call Music with Meaning™. We make it possible for people all over the world to connect with you and your music. In doing so, they not only find music they love, but support artists committed to a similar vision.

In addition, as an artist distributing with us, you also gain the following:
  • Global Digital Distribution - People all over the world use AudibleFaith as a resource for music, so your songs are heard and used worldwide, inspiring, educating and encouraging everywhere. Since your music is distributed digitally in addition to physically, almost anyone, anywhere can purchase your songs and receive them instantly.
  • Increased Exposure - Your music will be exposed to an even more broad audience via radio. Through our relationships with radio stations, AudibleFaith gets music directly into the hands of those making playlist decisions.
  • Encoding Services - Your music is encoded in AAC and MP3, the best quality and most popular digital formats currently available, so more people are able to hear and purchase your work. The AAC files also contain liner notes and an album cover graphic.
  • Notation Services - AudibleFaith generates notation for your music from as little as a lyric chord sheet. Melody-based lead sheets, lead sheets with guitar tablature and in some cases, scores for your music are available at AudibleFaith.
  • Free Webspace - Create your own Web site on the 10 MB of free Web space we provide, plus we give you all the tools you need to sell your products there. You can even sell your products from your existing Web site even if it's not hosted by AudibleFaith.
  • Our Family - One of the best things about AudibleFaith is how we bring many people together with the common goal of positively impacting the world with our music. Our artists and members communities are great places to talk with others, share new ideas, and be encouraged to grow personally, musically, spiritually and professionally.

If you have material you feel may benefit others around the world, we can help you fulfill that dream. Please fill out our Artist Questionnaire to get the process started.

We've created a series of documents to help answer your Frequently Asked Questions about distributing with us. After browsing the FAQs listed below, if you still have questions about AudibleFaith or our service, please e-mail and our representatives will contact you promptly.

Distribution Overview - the best place to start learning about distributing your music through us.
Product Descriptions - about the kind of products we offer.
Distribution Tech - specifics about audio files, encoding processes, etc.

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