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Copyright Answers

Here you'll find specific answers to copyright questions that you may have about the materials at

If you can't find the information you need here or in our other FAQs, please eMail
Can I make copies of sheet music for my team/group?
Can I make copies of audio files?
Why not use chord sites?

Can I make copies of sheet music for my team/group?
If you have a CCLI license you may make copies of our sheet music as needed if the copies fit the following criteria.
1. The copy is intended for the congregation or for those assisting the congregation. Please keep copies within your organization. If a neighboring church or organization needs a copy, please refer them to us.
2. The song is copyrighted by a publisher listed in CCLI's Authorized Catalog List, or the song is copyrighted by an independant artist.

Can I make copies of audio files?
Our policy on audio files is the same as our policy on sheet music. See the above answer for information. This is our current policy on audio files and may change as we add audio content from other labels and sources. Some sources may choose to operate under a different policy. We will make that information available.

Why not use chord sites?
There are many websites available that currently allow you to download and view lyrics and chords for many songs. Unfortunately virtually none of these sites have secured licensing or permission for any of the material that they distribute. This is a violation of US and international copyright laws. More importantly, in our opinion, this is also cheating songwriters and publishers of their rightful wages. All of the content at is properly licensed, and songwriters and publishers are paid for all materials sold from our site. We are proud to have created a system that is fair to both the copyright owners, and inexpensive and convenient to our customers.

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