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Song Categories

A worship leader's song list is like a carpenter's toolbox - each tool being most effective when used according to its purpose. The equipped worship leader needs songs that not only fit his/her setting, but that minister in different ways at different times.

We have categorized the songs in our catalog to help you find the particular ones you need for a specific worship situation. Here are descriptions of the kinds of songs you'll find in each of our categories.

Adoration: Love songs whispered between us and He who has captured our hearts. They reflect our adoration of God and the depth of closeness each of us can share as we draw ever closer to His Heart.

Authority: Acknowledge God as the sole, ultimate and absolute Power who is sovereign over all that exists.

Blessing and Benediction: Invoke the blessing of God for others and ourselves.

Call To Worship/Gathering: Calls to worship. Songs that draw us together, open the doorway to the Father and lead us through it.

Celebration: Express the sheer joy, laughter and exhilaration we experience by knowing God. This music makes us want to dance!

Comfort: Strengthen us with the reality of God's presence with us in our sorrow and affirm that the Holy Spirit is indeed our Comforter.

Commitment: Give voice to the commitments we make in our hearts to be all that God desires us to be, do and become.

Compassion: Songs that remind us of the depth of God's heart for our world, and that help us express it.

Confession: Unrestrained honesty. These songs reveal the deep recesses of our hearts - our fears, failures, dreams - and allow God to meet us there. They give us the courage and strength to continue by revealing the beautiful truth about God, ourselves, or those around us. These songs restore our souls.

Declaration: Help us speak aloud those things we know to be true.

Faith: Recall to mind the amazing character of God - His goodness, love and faithfulness and and our confidence in what we cannot see.

High Praises: Songs that express the inexpressible - the depth of our passion for our God. They allow us to abandon ourselves in worship.

Hope/Perseverance: Songs that assure us that God is in charge of our future, and remind us of all the wonder that lies ahead for us.

Instruction: Teach us what it means to live as a follower of The One and what it takes to follow through.

Kingdom Songs: Songs that express a vision of the kingdom of God and life in the kingdom.

Meditation: Songs that help us quiet our souls, know our minds and help us enter into true communion with the Spirit of God.

Petitions: Voice to the Father the requests of our hearts on our behalf and on behalf of others.

Remembrance: Songs of reverence that cause us to reflect on and "call to mind" the nature, power and character of our God and all that he has done for us. They remind us of why he is sovereign and why we gladly revere him.

Renewal: These songs of healing give us the courage and strength to continue by revealing the beautiful truth about God, ourselves, or those around us. They restore our souls.

Service: Songs that remind us that we are God's hands and feet on our world.

Testimony: Speak of our personal experiences with God by way of encouragement to others.

Thanksgiving: Express our joy, appreciation and gratitude toward God for the things he has done and continues to do in our lives.

Triumph: Speak to the spiritual battle in which we are engaged - the struggle to be Light in the Darkness. These songs encourage us to stand firm and teach us to persevere by affirming the victory already won by Christ and the victorious life now available to us.

Unity: Body songs - they remind us of the power and beauty of the Bride of Christ, of which we are all a part, challenging us to guard this sacred trust and to "above all else, uphold the unity of the faith".

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