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Distribution Technology Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ addresses the more technical aspects of our distribution process. If you cannot find the answers to your questions here, please check our other FAQs or eMail and our representatives will do their best to help you.

Audio File Encoding
Many of you know that a 44.1 kHz sample rate digital audio file, like those found on a CD, takes up approximately 10 Megs/min of audio. To transmit this much information over even a fast modem would take far too long to be of use. Recent developments in audio compression enable us to reduce the size of a digital audio file to approximately 1 Meg/min of audio. The encoding method that AudibleFaith currently uses is MP3 (MPEG 1-Audio Layer 3). Real Audio is also used for song samples. MP3 was selected due to its current popularity and the availability of software and hardware players. Real Audio was selected for samples because it maintains decent quality at very low bitrates. We plan to follow the developments in audio encoding and will continue to offer the formats which best benefit our artists and customers.

Sheet Music
Sheet music is generated from a wide range of sources. We have received from as little as a hand scrawled lyric/chord lead sheet (this is where those ear training courses have come in handy) to as much as electronic files for the full score. From these various sources we use a variety of music publishing software to generate notation files for each of the songs. From the notation files we generate Adobe pdf files so that all of our (and your) customers can use the files. The pdf files are printable using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get the Reader, just click one of the links below, save the file to disk and install it.
PC self extracting archiveMac .hqx fileMac .bin file

Sheet music files are placed in our on-line distribution system where customers can purchase them at any time. They can even order notation in a custom key. If you have any questions about our notation services please eMail

Your performance MIDI files are just that, your performance. MIDI files are becoming a very useful tool for worship. These MIDI files can be used as backup instrumentation when a team does not have all the instrumentalists they desire to perform a song, or by teams to learn parts. Our MIDI files follow the General MIDI specifications.

If you have any questions concerning our distribution process please eMail and one of our technical representatives will do their best to help you.

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