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H.A. Rendezvous

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Words and Music by Daniel "King FA.L." West

Performed by: Daniel "King FA.L." West
Genre: Urban/Hip Hop-Rap
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$0.99              96 Med-Fast

Song Lyrics

Step my feet out the front door, hop in that S-1-O/ riding Huntsville streets, south slick rider, ya didn't know/ homeboy flossing on ya, not from California/ North Alabamian ready to speak prophetic, so let me warn ya/ this thing's going down tonight, King FA.L.'s taking flight/ I ain't down for doing stuff wrong, let's do it right/ inhaling my purpose like brothas be chiefin indo/ so many folks caught up, Lord, bless they minds to grow/ cause it's 2G and the past is behind me/ still preaching and still walking in my anointing/ this thing ain't gone stop, this thing gonna keep rolling/ from Memphis to Huntsville, demand for righteousness is growing/ and watch me walk this, to start I gotta talk this/ line upon line, I'm gone be a royal witness/ I spoke it and it's done/ faith in God courtesy of his son/ Pepsi ain't got it locked, Jesus is the right one, Uh huh/ got em stunned all throughout Madison/ Decatur know the deal/ and word is spreading in Huntsville/ Eight years in the making, Third Zone to H.A./ steadfast on this journey, is there really more to say?, let's ride

Come with me on this H.A. Rendezvous
Yall can ride with me, yal can floss with me, but buckle up

Got these corners bended, it's splendid/ my foes can't stop this, ask Anointed Lyrical W.I.Z./ Sunday morning at LCFC worshipping and praising/ St.John cross town doing the same at Victory COG-I-C/ spreading love, laying hands, doing it up for God man/ sista Kim putting it down at Word of Truth, shoot/ my boy Juice over in NC, him and Age in it with me/ pretty soon Huntsville gone see the return of Third Z/ man what I'm saying is that this thing's gonna happen/ seeing multitudes led to Christ by these Godly words I'm rapping/ got em clapping, got yall's toes tapping/ ready for that rapturing, time for some soul gathering/ up in Butler Terrace all the way to Northwood/ A&M to UAH riding hard like I should/ anything less just ain't civilized/ see God's wonders follow me as I ride/ saintsta lean all up against my windows/ and still hitting my face before I lay to sleep, ya know/ just a day and the life of King FA.L, sing it boo/ Mr. Fresh laying it down on that H.A. rendezvous

I ain't finished, I got a few more things to say/ I ain't parked my car yet, I ain't even in the driveway/ riding Jordan lane finna hit Conoco, right down the street from that barber shop Alonzo's/ got my bob tight now it's time to head home/ roll by Ed White, destination Grizzard road/ all the while thanking God for no hurt and harm/ get home read that word let it soak in my heart/ that's the way I do, sowing seeds for my millions/ can't settle for less than I dream,, I gotta complete my mission/ that info's classified, can't cast my pearls among swine/ but if you with me, let's share our hearts then ride on the rendezvous

© 2000 King FA.L. Publishing

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