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Songs of Fellowship Vol. 1 -

Songs of Fellowship Vol. 1, ,

About This Work ...

The Songs of Fellowship Collection is a series of albums, filled with a selection of rich and varied worship from writers past and present. All of the tracks are drawn from the Songs of Fellowship songbook, probably the finest and most comprehensive collection of hymns and renewal songs in the world.

This songbook is imported from the UK.

Songs of Fellowship has from the beginning grown out of the worship of God's people around the world.
The recordings are made with churches and worship leaders and reflects the Holy Spirit's work in the renewal of God's church. The songbooks, too, reflect the same vitality and spiritual inspiration, drawining on this worldwide flow of creativity in response to God's word. The intention of the editors has been to bring together a broad selection of hymns and songs tried and tested in the fire of true worship.
This new compilation combines the majestic hymns of the centuries wit hthe best praise and worship songs from the last two decades, and provides a major worship aid for the church.


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Abba, Father             
Abide with me             
Ah Lord God             
Jesus is Our King (Alleluia! Alleluia!)             
Alleluia Alleluia, Give Thanks to the Risen Lord             
All Hail King Jesus!             
All Hail the Lamb             
All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name!             
All Heaven Declares             
All Heaven Waits             
All Over the World             
All People That On Earth Do Dwell             
All Things Bright And Beautiful             
Give Him Praise (All You Angels Round His Throne)             
Almighty God, We Bring You Praise             
Confession (Almighty God, Our Heavenly Father)             
Stretch Out Your Hand (Almighty Sovereign Lord)             
Amazing Grace!             
An Army of Ordinary People             
And Can It Be?             
A New Commandment             
Angels From the Realms of Glory             
Angel Voices Ever Singing             
A Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still             
Ascribe Greatness             
As The Deer             
As We Are Gathered             
Come With Praise (As We Come With Praise)             
As We Seek Your Face             
As With Gladness             
At the Name of Jesus             
The Giving Song (At This Time of Giving)             
At Your Feet We Fall             
Awake, Awake, O Zion             
Away In a Manger             
Be Bold, Be Strong             
Arise, Shine (Behold the Darkness)             
Beneath the Cross of Jesus             
Be Still             
Be Still And Know             
Be Thou My Vision             
Bind Us Together             
Blessed Assurance             
Blessed Be             
Blessed Be the Name of the Lord             
Bless the Lord, O My Soul             
King of Kings (Bless the Lord, O My Soul)             
Blest Be the Tie             
Break Thou the Bread of Life             
Breathe On Me, Breath of God             
Bring a Psalm             
Broken For Me             
The Servant Song (Brother, Let Me Be Your Servant)             
Thine Be the Glory (By Your Side)             
Cause Me to Come             
Celebrate Jesus             
Change My Heart, O God             
Christians Awake!             
Christ Is Risen             
Christ the Lord Is Risen Today             
Christ Triumphant             
Prepare the Way (Clear the Road)             
Light Up the Fire (Colours of Day)             
Come And Praise Him, Royal Priesthood             
Come And Praise the Living God             
We Worship At Your Feet (Come And See)             
Come Bless the Lord             
Come Into the Holy of Holies             
Come, Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs             
Come, Let Us Sing             
Come, Let Us Sing of a Wonderful Love             
Celebrate (Come On And Celebrate)             
Come See the Beauty of the Lord             
Come, Ye Thankful People, Come             
Create In Me             
Crown Him With Many Crowns             
Arise, Shine (Darkness Like a Shroud)             
Dear Lord And Father of Mankind             
Do Something New, Lord             
Draw Me Closer             
Enter In             
Eternal God             
Exalted, You Are Exalted             
Exalt the Lord Our God             
Facing a Task Unfinished             
Faithful One             
Father God, I Give All Thanks             
I Will Sing Your Praises (Father God I Wonder)             
Father God We Worship You             
Let Forgiveness Flow (Father, Here I Am)             
We Will Crown Him (Father In Heaven)             
Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty(Father in Heaven)             
Father I Place Into Your Hands             
Father Make Us One             
Father, We Adore You             
Father, We Adore You             
All the Earth Shall Worship (Father, We Adore You)             
Father, We Love You             
My Delight (Father, You Are My Portion)             
Your Love Overwhelms Me (Father, Your Love Is)             
Fear Not             
Fear Not, Rejoice And Be Glad             
Fight the Good Fight             
Fill Thou My Life, O Lord My God             
For All the Saints             
For His Name Is Exalted             
For I'm Building a People of Power             
For the Beauty of the Earth             
For the Lord Is Marching On             
For This Purpose             
I Exalt Thee (For Thou O Lord Art High)             
For Unto Us a Child Is Born             
For We See Jesus             
For Your Wonderful Deeds             
From All That Dwell Below the Skies             
The Servant King (From Heaven You Came)             
From the Rising of the Sun             
From the Sun's Rising             
Give Me Life, Holy Spirit             
Give Thanks             
Give Thanks to the Lord             
Glorious Father             
Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken             
Freely, Freely (God Forgave My Sin)             
God Has Exalted Him             
God Has Spoken to His People             
God Is Good             
God Is Here, God Is Present             
God Is Our Father             
God Is Working His Purpose Out             
To Seek Your Face (God of All Comfort)             
God of Glory             
I Stand Complete In You (God of Grace)             
God of Grace And God of Glory             
Good Christian Men, Rejoice             
Great And Marvellous             
King of Saints(Great And Marvellous Are Thy Works)             
Great And Wonderful             
Great Is the Lord And Greatly to Be Praised             
Great Is the Lord And Most Worthy of Praise             
Great Is the Lord And Mighty In Power             
Great Is Thy Faithfulness             
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah             
Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus             
Hail to the Lord's Anointed             
Hallelujah, our God Reigns             
Hallelujah, My Father             
Hallelujah! Sing to Jesus             
Hark the Glad Sound             
Hark! the Herald Angels Sing             
Have Thine Own Way, Lord             
Healing Grace             
Revive Us Again (Hear, O Lord Our Cry)             
Awaken Your Power (Hear, O Shepherd)             
Heavenly Father, I Appreciate You             
King of Kings (He Came to Earth)             
Beauty For Ashes (He Gave Me Beauty)             
He Holds the Key             
He Is Exalted             
He Is Lord             
He Is Our Peace             
Here I Am, Wholly Available             
Here Is Love             
Family Song (Here We Are)             
He Shall Reign             
He That Is In Us             
God With Us (He Walked Where I Walk)             
Like a Lamb (He Was Pierced)             
He Who Would Valiant Be             
Higher, Higher             
His Name Is Higher             
His Name Is Wonderful             
Jesus Is Lord (His Voice Is the Sea)             
Hold Me, Lord             
Holiness Unto the Lord             
Isaiah 6 (Holy, Holy, Holy)             
Holy, Holy, Holy Is the Lord             
Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty!             
Holy, Holy, Holy Lord             
Holy Is the Lord             
Holy One             
Holy Spirit, Lead Me to My Father             
Holy Spirit, We Welcome You             
You Are the One (How I Love You)             
How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place             
Our God Reigns (How Lovely On the Mountains)             
How Precious, O Lord             
How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds             
How You Bless Our Lives             
I Am a Lighthouse             
I Am a New Creation             
I Am a Wounded Soldier             
I Am Not Ashamed             
I Am the Bread of Life             
I Am the God That Healeth Thee             
I Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus             
I Believe In Jesus             
Spirit of God (I Can Almost See)             
I Cannot Tell             
I Delight Greatly In the Lord             
I Exalt You             
The Butterfly Song (If I Were a Butterfly)             
I'm Forgiven (I Get So Excited, Lord)             
I Worship You (I Give You All the Honour)             
Go (I Give You Now)             
I Have a Destiny             
I Have Found             
I Have Made a Covenant             
I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say             
I Hear the Sound of Rustling             
I Hear the Sound of the Army of the Lord             
I Just Want to Praise You             
Lord, I Lift You High (I Just Want to Praise You)             
I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace             
Psalm 121 (I Lift My Eyes Up)             
Most of All (I Lift My Hands)             
I Will Serve No Foreign God (I Lift My Hands)             
I Lift My Voice             
I Live             
I Love You, Lord             
I Love You, My Lord             
I Love You With the Love of the Lord             
I'm Accepted             
I'm Gonna Thank the Lord             
I'm In Love With You             
Immanuel, O Immanuel             
Immortal, Invisible             
I'm Not Alone             
I'm Special             
The Battle Belongs to the Lord(In Heavenly Armour)             
In Heavenly Love Abiding             
In Him We Live And Move             
We Shall Rise (In Majesty He Comes)             
In Moments Like These             
Lord, Be Glorified (In My Life, Lord)             
In the Bleak Midwinter             
Celebration Song (In the Presence of Your People)             
Christ Is Risen (In the Tomb So Cold)             
In Through the Veil             
In Thy Presence             
I Receive Your Love             
I See the Lord             
Isn't He             
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear             
It Is a Thing Most Wonderful             
It Is Good For Me             
It Is No Longer I That Liveth             
It's a Happy Day             
It's the Presence of Your Spirit, Lord, We Need             
It's Your Blood             
I Wanna Sing             
History Makers (I Want to Be a History Maker)             
In My Generation (I Want to Serve the Purpose)             
I Want to Walk With Jesus Christ             
I Was Made to Praise You             
I Was Once In Darkness             
I Will Build My Church             
I Will Call             
I Will Call Upon the Lord             
I Will Change Your Name             
He Has Made Me Glad (I Will Enter His Gates)             
I Will Give Thanks to Thee             
I Will Give You Praise             
I Will Magnify             
O Faithful God (I Will Praise You All My Life)             
I Will Rejoice In You And Be Glad             
I Will Rejoice, I Will Rejoice             
I Will Rise And Bless You, Lord             
I Will Seek Your Face, O Lord             
I Will Sing of the Mercies             
I Will Sing the Wondrous Story             
I Will Sing Unto the Lord             
I Will Speak Out             
I Will Worship You, Lord             
I Worship You, Almighty God             
Jehovah Jireh             
Jehovah Jireh, My Provider             
Jesus Christ Is Risen Today             
Jesus Has Sat Down             
Jesus, How Lovely You Are             
Alleluia (Jesus, I Love You)             
Jesus Is King             
Jesus Is Lord!             
Jesus Is Lord of All             
Jesus, I Worship You             
Holy And Anointed One (Jesus, Jesus)             
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus             
Jesus, King of Kings             
Jesus Lives             
Jesus, Lover of My Soul             
Jesus, Name Above All Names             
Jesus Put This Song Into Our Hearts             
Jesus, Send More Labourers             
Jesus Shall Reign             
Jesus Shall Take the Highest Honour             
Jesus, Stand Among Us             
Jesus, Stand Among Us In Thy Risen Power             
Jesus Take Me As I Am             
Emmanuel (Jesus, the Name Above All Names)             
Jesus! the Name High Over All             
Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee             
Jesus, We Celebrate Your Victory             
Jesus, We Enthrone You             
Jesus, You Are Changing Me             
Jesus, You Are the Radiance             
Join All the Glorious Names             
Joy to the World             
Jubilate Deo (Jubilate, Everybody)             
Just As I Am             
Just Like You Promised             
King Forever             
The King of Glory Comes (King of Kings)             
Lamb of God             
Lead Us, Heavenly Father, Lead Us             
You're Alive (Led Like a Lamb)             
Let God Arise             
Let God Speak             
Do Not Strive (Let Me Have My Way Among You)             
Let Our Praise to You Be As Incense             
Let Praises Ring             
Let There Be Glory And Honour             
Let There Be Love             
Let Us Break Bread Together             
Psalm 122 (Let Us Go to the House of the Lord)             
Let Us Praise His Name With Dancing             
Let Us With a Gladsome Mind             
Let Your Living Water Flow             
Lift High the Cross             
Lift Up Your Heads to the Coming King             
O You Gates (Lift Up Your Heads)             
The King of Glory (Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates)             
Light a Flame             
Lighten Our Darkness             
Light Has Dawned             
Fire of God (Light of the World)             
Holy Spirit, Come (Like a Gentle Breeze)             
Like a River Glorious             
Lion of Judah             
Living Under the Shadow of His Wing             
Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending             
Look And See the Glory of the King             
Look, Ye Saints, the Sight Is Glorious             
Lord And Father, King Forever             
Lord, Come And Heal Your Church             
Lord, Enthroned In Heavenly Splendour             
Lord God, Heavenly King             
Lord, Have Mercy             
You Are My Everything (Lord, How Majestic You Are)             
Lord, I Will Celebrate Your Love             
Lord Jesus Christ             
Lord Jesus Here I Stand             
Lord, Keep My Heart Tender             
Lord Make Me An Instrument             
Lord of Lords             
Shine, Jesus, Shine (Lord, the Light of Your Love)             
Join Our Hearts (Lord We Come)             
Lord We Give You Praise             
Heal Our Nation (Lord We Long For You)             
Lord, We Worship You             
Let Your Kingdom Come (Lord, You Are Calling)             
Lord, You Are More Precious             
Lord, You Are So Precious to Me             
Lord, You Put a Tongue In My Mouth             
Faithful And Just (Lord, You're Faithful And Just)             
Above All Others (Lord, Your Glory Fills My Heart)             
Lord, Your Name Is Holy             
Lord, Your Name Is Wonderful             
Love Beyond Measure             
Love Came Down At Christmas             
Love Divine             
Christ Arose (Low In the Grave He Lay)             
Make a Joyful Melody             
Make Me a Channel of Your Peace             
For Your Kingdom (Make Me Lord, a Dreamer)             
Make Us One, Lord             
Make Way             
Man of Sorrows             
Master Speak! Thy Servant Heareth             
Sacrificial Love (May My Life)             
May the Fragrance             
Song For the Nations (May We Be a Shining Light)             
This Is Your God (Meekness And Majesty)             
Mighty God, Gracious King             
More Love, More Power             
Morning Has Broken             
Move Holy Spirit             
My God, How Wonderful Thou Art             
All the Glory (My Heart Is Full)             
My Lord, He Is the Fairest of the Fair             
Amazing Love (My Lord, What Love Is This)             
My Peace             
My Song Is Love Unknown             
My Soul Longs For You             
Only You (No-one But You, Lord)             
Not Unto Us             
Not Without a Cause             
Now Thank We All Our God             
Unto the King (Now Unto the King)             
O Breath of Life, Come Sweeping Through Us             
O Come All Ye Faithful             
O Come Let Us Adore Him             
O Come O Come Emmanuel             
O For a Heart to Praise My God             
O For a Thousand Tongues             
O Give Thanks             
O God My Creator             
O God, Our Help In Ages Past             
Heaven Is In My Heart (O, Heaven Is In My Heart)             
Rock of My Salvation (O I Will Sing Unto You With)             
O Jesus, I Have Promised             
Spirit Song (O Let the Son of God Enfold You)             
O Little Town of Bethlehem             
Undivided Heart (O Lord, Give Me An)             
O Lord, Have Mercy On Me             
O Lord, Hear My Prayer             
O Lord Most Holy God             
How Great Thou Art (O Lord My God!)             
We Will Magnify (O Lord Our God)             
O Lord Our God, You Are a Great God             
O Lord, Our Lord, How Excellent             
O Lord, the Clouds Are Gathering             
O Lord, You Are My God             
O Lord, You Are My Light             
O Lord, You're Beautiful             
O Lord, Your Tenderness             
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go             
Psalm 34 (O Magnify the Lord)             
O My Lord, You Are Most Glorious             
O My Saviour, Lifted             
Once In Royal David's City             
The Wine of the Kingdom (One Shall Tell Another)             
One Thing I Ask             
Only By Grace             
Onward, Christian Soldiers             
Open Our Eyes, Lord             
Open Your Eyes             
O Praise Ye the Lord             
O Sacred Head Once Wounded             
O Taste And See             
O That You Would Bless Me             
O the Joy of Your Forgiveness             
O the Valleys Shall Ring             
O Thou Who Camest From Above             
Our Confidence Is In the Lord             
Awesome God             
Out of Your Great Love             
O, We Are More Than Conquerors             
O Worship the King             
O Worship the Lord             
Peace Is Flowing Like a River             
Peace Like a River             
Peace to You             
Praise God For the Body             
Doxology (Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow)             
Praise Him             
Praise Him On the Trumpet             
Praise Him, Praise Him! Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer             
Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven             
Praise the Lord             
Praise the Name of Jesus             
Praise to the Holiest In the Height             
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty             
Praise Ye the Lord             
Praise You, Lord             
Prepare the Way             
Prince of Peace You Are             
Refiner's Fire (Purify My Heart)             
Raise Up An Army             
Reign In Me             
Reigning In All Splendour             
Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice!             
Rejoice, the Lord Is King!             
Restore, O Lord             
Ride On, Ride On In Majesty             
Go Forth (Rise Up, You Champions of God)             
River Wash Over Me             
Rock of Ages             
See Amid the Winter's Snow             
His Body Was Broken (See Him Come)             
See Him Lying On a Bed of Straw             
See His Glory             
Seek Ye First             
Set My Spirit Free             
Shout For Joy             
Shout For Joy And Sing             
Show Your Power, O Lord             
Silent Night             
Sing Hallelujah to the Lord             
Sing Praises Unto God             
Glory to the Lord (Sing to the Lord)             
Sing Unto the Lord a New Song             
So Freely             
Soften My Heart             
Soften My Heart, Lord             
Soldiers of Christ, Arise             
Praise Song (Son of God)             
Living Sacrifice (Sovereign Lord)             
Spirit Breathe On Us             
Spirit of the Living God             
Spirit of the Living God             
Stand Up, And Bless the Lord             
Stand Up, Stand Up For Jesus             
Such Love, Pure As the Whitest Snow             
Such Love, Such Grace             
Sweet Fellowship             
Swing Wide the Gates             
Take Eat This Is My Body             
Take My Life, And Let It Be             
Tell Out, My Soul             
Thanks Be to God             
Oh I Love You, Lord (Thank You For the Cross)             
Thank You Jesus             
Thank You, Lord, For This Fine Day             
The Church's One Foundation             
The Church's One Foundation             
The Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended             
The Earth Is the Lord's             
The First Noel             
The God of Abraham Praise             
The Head That Once Was Crowned With Thorns             
The King Is Among Us             
The King of Love My Shepherd Is             
The Lord Has Given             
The Lord Has Led Forth             
O Give Thanks (The Lord Is Marching Out)             
The Lord's My Shepherd             
The Lord Your God Is In Your Midst             
The Nations Are Waiting             
The Price Is Paid             
Therefore the Redeemed             
There Is a Green Hill Far Away             
There Is a Name I Love to Hear             
There Is a Redeemer             
There Is Power In the Name of Jesus             
There's a Quiet Understanding             
Battle Hymn (There's a Sound In the Wind)             
The Spirit of the Lord             
The Steadfast Love of the Lord             
The Feast Is Ready (The Trumpets Sound)             
Thine Be the Glory             
Thine, O Lord, Is the Greatness             
This Is the Day             
Thou Art Worthy             
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne             
Thou, O Lord, Art a Shield About Me             
Thou, Whose Almighty Word             
Through Our God             
Victory Song (To God Be the Glory!)             
To Him Who Sits On the Throne             
Unto Thee, O Lord             
Unto You, O Lord             
We Are a Chosen People             
We Welcome You (We Are All Together)             
We Are a People of Power             
We Are Being Built Into a Temple             
We Are Here to Praise You             
We Are In God's Army             
Holy Ground (We Are Standing)             
The Church Invincible (We Are the Hands of God)             
We Are Your People             
We Believe             
We Break This Bread             
We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise             
We Declare That the Kingdom of God Is Here             
We Declare There's Only One Lord             
We Declare Your Majesty             
We Extol You             
We Have Come Into His House (This Place)             
We Have Come to Mount Zion             
We Are More Than Conquerors (We Know That All)             
We'll Sing a New Song             
Let the Flame Burn Brighter (We'll Walk the Land)             
We Place You On the Highest Place             
We Plough the Fields And Scatter             
We Really Want to Thank You, Lord             
We Rest On Thee, Our Shield And Our Defender!             
We Shall Be As One             
We Shall Stand             
We Will Glorify             
We Will Honour You             
We Worship And Adore You             
What a Friend We Have In Jesus             
When I Feel the Touch             
When I Look Into Your Holiness             
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross             
When Morning Gilds the Skies             
When the Spirit of the Lord             
Trust And Obey (When We Walk With the Lord)             
Where You Go I Will Go             
Whether You're One             
While Shepherds Watched             
For Evermore (Who Can Ever Say They Understand)             
Who Can Sound the Depths of Sorrow             
Who Is He In Yonder Stall?             
Who Is Like Unto Thee?             
Who Is On the Lord's Side?             
Who Is This?             
Wind, Wind, Blow On Me             
With All My Heart             
With My Whole Heart             
Wonderful Love             
Worship the Lord             
Worthy Art Thou             
Worthy Is the Lamb Seated On the Throne             
Glory And Praise(Worthy Is the Lamb Who Was Slain)             
Worthy, O Worthy Are You Lord             
Worthy, the Lord Is Worthy             
Ye Holy Angels Bright             
Ye Servants of God             
I Stand In Awe (You Are Beautiful)             
Higher Than the Heavens (You Are Compassionate)             
You Are Crowned With Many Crowns             
You Are Here             
You Are My Hiding Place             
We Exalt Your Name (You Are the Holy One)             
Hosanna to the Son of David (You are the King of)             
You Are the Mighty King             
You Are the Vine             
You Are Worthy             
I'm Forever Grateful (You Did Not Wait For Me)             
You Have Been Given             
I Really Want to Worship You, My Lord (You Laid)             
You Make My Heart Feel Glad             
You, O Lord             
Worthy Is the Lamb (You Purchased Men)             
Your Mercy Flows             
Great Are Your Works (Your Works, Lord)             
You Sat Down             
The Trees of the Field (You Shall Go Out With Joy)             

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