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Our Vision - Be the Change

At AudibleFaith, our dreams extend far beyond making a profit - we're into making a difference. Take, for instance, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, and Martin Luther King Jr. - three heroes with one very important thing in common. In the midst of seemingly hopeless situations, each tapped into the power of faith and learned to see what could be rather than merely what was. Their perspectives shaped their lives, and their lives changed the world.

We're about doing the same thing. Our dream is a simple one - provide resources and support for millions of people who want to change their lives and consequently, their world. Ghandi said it well, 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' We simply say 'Be the change'. You might think of it as our version of 'Just do it'. We want to use every means at our disposal to help make this happen, so we've brought together three of the world's most powerful agents of change - Music, the Internet and You!

Music - the universal language. Every day, people around the globe experience its power to express our deepest longings, expand our minds, strengthen our hearts and renew our souls. But have you listened to some of what's out there? Too often, music is created without regard for its inherent beauty, power, and influence. At AudibleFaith, we long to see music utilized as we know it can be.

That's why we're committed to helping artists from all over the world find their voice and get their music heard. By providing distribution, discussion forums, song writing workshops, networks to other artists, and many more resources, we hope to catalyze an outpouring of new songs that enable all of us to reach for a higher standard, reshaping and binding us together. Whether it's music that preserves and celebrates the rich cultures of our world, sacred songs of worship that inspire and renew, powerful songs of justice that provoke and challenge, or fun songs about everyday life that teach us how to love, laugh and live, our dream is to become the premiere destination for artists who have something to say and for people looking for Music with Meaning™.

This music will be accessible in many ways. Instantly download the songs to any computer or MP3 player. Order a custom CD with the songs you want, in the order you want them. Tune in to an AudibleFaith "radio station." Get customized sheet music, chord charts or kareoke tracks delivered immediately. And of course, regular CDs are available at great prices and shipped quickly. We want to gather this life-changing music from all over the globe and make it available to everyone. How? Through the Internet.

The Internet
Throughout history, visionaries have dreamed of a day when people from all walks of life will come together around common dreams and work together to change our world. Now, for perhaps the first time ever, this vision is a realistically attainable goal. Never before has it been possible to connect so many, from so many places, so easily. The Internet is the factor that allows this vision of the future to be realized now.

At the AudibleFaith Village we are building a place that allows people from all over the world to interact and work together to make their ideals a reality. Looking for other likeminded individuals? Use our community directory to connect with organizations doing the kinds of things that are important to you. Short on cash and need help with a fundraiser? Check out our list of artists available to help. Want to spend your money responsibly? Find businesses actively committed to more than the prospect of making money - to also serving others. Get our e-magazine to keep abreast of the many things being done by people like yourself to change their lives and consequently, our world. Share with people about your culture and learn about theirs. Check out our affinity groups - for musicians, songwriters and artists, church worship and music leaders, community change agents and volunteers, and others - where you can get special products and services to fit your needs. Access personal services such as e-mail, Web pages, and other free products and services too. The Internet makes it possible for us to provide these kinds of things to you, the most powerful change agent of all.

And You!
The power of music and the Internet cannot be fully realized without you - we'll provide the opportunities, you take action. Use our events calendar or volunteer network to find out what's going on in your area and how you can get involved. Use our discussion forums to share ideas, debate, and make new friends with individuals thinking about the kinds of things you're thinking about. Search our Village Directory for a spiritual community or support group that can nurture you as you grow. Take advantage of the many resources available covering everything from music recording techniques, to personal growth, to "10 ways you can help your community." Be the change.

We envision a new generation of people who are conscious of all they have to offer the world and who, in response, offer it. We look forward to connecting with and supporting those who are passionate about other powerful communication vehicles - including film, visual arts, performing arts, radio, TV, and print. As with music, we want to tap into the power for good inherent in these mediums. And finally, we are committed to helping likeminded groups, non-profits, businesses, churches, and serving organizations gain the publicity and support they need to succeed.

Whew - and that's only the beginning of our plans! Yeah, we know it sounds lofty and maybe a little crazy, but that's what we're about - learning to see what can be rather than merely what is. We're really out to change the world, but we won't do it alone. Like Mahatma, Teresa and Martin, you have the power to make a difference. Join your voice with theirs and ours - make your faith audible.

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