Proper fingering of the scales on the piano is very important to development of your skills and advancement as a pianist.

Begin by setting the metronome at a tempo that is realistic, yet challenging, and work through each group of keys, doing one group per week. When scales are learned well at the beginning tempo, increase the tempo, and start over with Group I again. Keep increasing the tempo infinitely! A common progression might be to start the metronome at a quarter note equals 80, and increase to 96, then 112, 120, and 144.

Play 2 octaves of eighth notes, followed by 3 octaves of triplets, and 4 octaves of sixteenth notes without missing a beat.

Remember to get the fingerings correct from the start. Snap your fingers, while keeping even, free wrists.

The scales are broken down into 6 groups. 3 in major keys and 3 in minor keys. View the fingerings for each of the groups below.

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